“Your unique gift is the missing piece. It’s always an answer and never a problem. It is unique, intentional, having a purpose, design and measurable structure.

Since we all crave to be accepted and welcomed, sometimes we compare our gifts to others’, attempting to measure if we belong; but that’s like trying to reshape your fingerprint to match someone else’s – impossible.

When you read about someone else’s accomplishments and adopt his or her roadmap as your own, you will limit where your gift can take you. You can only be you. Who you are at the core will leak out, no matter how much you suppress it. In God’s truth, the true you is meant to glorify, to love, to reach beyond yourself, but you cannot grow into the fullest expression of God’s creation if you live in doubt or unrest, if you constantly undermine your gift by trying to copy other people’s.

Your own gift is more than enough, and once you uncover that gift and its structure, you can walk in freedom, knowing yours is unlike anyone else’s.”

– By Dr Caroline Leaf, Author of Switch On Your Brain


Inspiration to laugh, cry and maybe wet your pants a little bit


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