It’s time to get educated on superfoods. They aren’t as hipster and trendy as you think, they are simply highly nutritious foods that are super-concentrated, and we can find them in the everyday foods we eat. So put away the kale chips and acai berry smoothies, and eat more of the ‘everyday’ foods, which are all superfoods!

Superfoods include vegetables, fruits, legumes, dry fruits, nuts and seeds, grains, herbs and spices. In combination, they provide all the essential fibre, calories, protein, carbs, sugar, fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need to achieve optimum health benefits.

Superfoods are best eaten in variety and in combination to form a balanced diet. Quinoa and all the fancy schmancy ‘boutique’ foods are great, but remember that the fresh produce you get from your local supermarket are all superfoods too.


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