The “modern” Paleo diet from books and blogs recommends avoiding refined sugars, legumes,

dairy, grains and cereals. Instead, it advocates for grass-fed meat, wild fish, saturated fat, nuts,

vegetables, and some fruit.


But the Australian Diabetes Society president is saying that patients with type 2 diabetes should

be wary of the ‘hype’ about the benefits of going on the Paleo diet. He argues that there have been

only 2 trials worldwide of type 2 diabetics on a Paleo diet. Both studies had fewer than 20

participants, and didn’t last long enough to draw conclusions on weight and glycaemic control.

While everyone keeps arguing about this, you shouldn’t. Most people don’t even know what Paleo

humans really ate. In the Paleolithic era, there wasn’t even one single universal Paleo diet. Some

regions were plant-based, others meat-based. So a better question is: what’s your own ancestry,

genetics-wise? This can reveal a lot about your own nutritional traits.

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