From 2014 up until midway in 2016, I walked a lonely road called perinatal mental illness, which you can read all about in my blog series and in my new book that’s coming out very shortly!

The main reason why I felt lonely was because I couldn’t tell anyone what I was going through without fear of judgement or stigma. Worse, I couldn’t stand to hear some cliche Christianese comment like “You should just pray about that” or “The joy of the Lord is your strength!” While they’re not wrong, these types of comments are usually unhelpful for a person in crisis mode.

But I recovered and today I’m alive to tell the story (insert please buy my book subliminal messages here, here and here). It is my greatest passion and pride to be able to share my own personal journey through PND, OCD, PTSD and GAD. To fellow crazies out there, I’ve become somewhat of a hero (not my words) for standing up and speaking the truth, knowing that I probably look like a royal quack. If it eases the pain for another person suffering through mental battles, then it’s worth the war.


Blessed are the poor in spirit

Today, 9 March 2019, I am in another lonely ditch, except this time it’s different. I am not a hero; on the contrary, I’ve been called a zealot, Bible-basher, extremist, politically incorrect and everything under the sun that pertains to a Christian who dares to stand up for the truth of the Bible.

I’ve pissed off more people in the last six weeks than the last six years and guess what? I’m not going to stop on account of the uncomfortable feelings and confronting truths that socially anxious people like myself are usually terrified of.

What we have seen with the recent NY Abortion Law that was passed late January in 2019, is a tirade of Christians (again, like me) who have awoken from the slumber to realise that abortion isn’t really about women’s rights. It isn’t merely a medical procedure. It has nothing to do with anything that is remotely good. Rather, abortion is about:

  • A political agenda to capitalise on an industry cash cow where women will exchange money to ‘make the problem go away’ and resulting fetal body parts can be sold at a high price
  • A public system that has failed its citizens so terribly in terms of lack of access to free and/or subsidised maternal care that the underprivileged feel there are no other choices than to kill their own child
  • The general public so desensitised to abortion that it is used as a contraceptive method
  • Added to that, Oprah Winfrey has decided to start a “Shout Your Abortion” campaign in a sick attempt to further neutralise public opinion on abortion
  • Women flagging their billboards claiming that abortion is a woman’s right, but forgetting that if the baby is a girl, she has no right to decide whether she gets to live
  • The rhetorical logic in not convicting charges against an abortionist if he/she leaves the baby to die after a botched abortion, but convicting a murderer in a completely separate case of an infantcide
  • The media’s refusal to call out abortion for what it is – it is murder


Why is the Church so neutral?

As the Church, the problem with tolerating a little bit of sin is this: What starts with sin will eventually keep going and going until you have a giant ball of sin, which will be more difficult to deal with later. When Roe v Wade came into play in 1973, the United States crossed a line that should never have been crossed. On account of abortion being deemed a ‘safe and legal practice’, the ripple effect worldwide would see over 60 million developing babies never seeing the light of day.

It makes me think of this verse in the Message translation:

Lust gets pregnant, and has a baby: sin! Sin grows up to adulthood, and becomes a real killer.

James 1:15

How did we end up as a society and culture accepting the practice of aborting babies at full term and beyond (in the case of a botched abortion)? This is our reality in 2019. I’ll tell you how. Almost 50 years ago, politicians, clinicians and society as a whole decided to ‘sin a little bit’. Unable to distinguish between what is good (life) and what is evil (taking a life) there has since been a rapid moral decline.

As a Church, we remained silent behind our pulpits and pews, refraining from speaking the full truth that abortion is murder and murder is abhorrent to God. As a modern, contemporary, desperately-seeking-to-be-relevant congregation, our washed-up Gospel has done us no favours when it comes to truth and justice. Sure, we caught the fish, but did we make true disciples? Or have we become nothing more than a wishy-washy politically correct social club who are lukewarm and stand on the fence?

So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth.

Revelation 3:16

We must remember, that failing to fully disclose who God is and what is laid out in the Bible is fundamentally lying. Omitting the truth for fear of offending is oh-so-offensive to God.


There’s hope in Jesus

Thankfully, our hope and anchor are in Jesus. We can repent of our blindness and spiritual dullness and be drawn back to our loving Saviour. For those who have had an abortion, there is forgiveness if there is true repentance of sin. Jesus sets us free from the terrible mistakes we have made. Whether that be a conscious choice to deliberately abort a child or one that is more sub-conscious; a choice we made to remain silent because of our love for the world, tolerance of sin and desperate need for people-approval.

Today, I walk a lonely road in standing up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Even those closest to me have distanced themselves from me. What is truly remarkable, however, is from out of nowhere God has supplied new friends who are supportive in this spiritual battle. Together, we stand, we pray and encourage one another. That is what Christianity is all about, the love (encouragement) but also the truth (correction) and finding that perfect balance can be tricky.

I saw a quote floating around the internet and it said this:

“Sometimes people living through history do not know they are living through history.”

It came at a timely point, only a few minutes after I wrote an article on the parallel between WWII and the babies lost to abortion. Not everyone saw the connection and I get that. You really need to have your eyes wide open to see that this is a dark industry with an evil agenda behind it to kill, steal and destroy. I didn’t see it like this previously, I was blinded by my own selfish desires and pursuits for success, popularity and influence.

I am now wary of teaching that comes out of churches that directly focus on prosperity and wealth, knowing that my Saviour, Jesus Christ, in his last moment of life, was far from successful, popular and influential. He hung on a cross, naked and bloodied and nobody was to be found. Literally, they all unfollowed him. No podiums, flashing signs, wads of cash or tirades of followers. Just blood, sweat and tears. And boy, must he have felt the depth of loneliness through his crucifixion.

So, my final question is this. Are you popular? Yes/No?

OK, then are you fruitful?

Ask the Lord to show you the difference. Food for thought.



Inspiration to laugh, cry and maybe wet your pants a little bit


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