The weight loss industry in Australia is worth a whopping $614m, and just about every woman, man, child and possibly dog is desperate for the next fad diet that will help them to lose weight fast.

There’s no doubt our society loves quick fixes. We are obsessed with instantaneous outcomes but minimal investment.

So how does this translate to those of us who really want to lose weight fast and but with very little effort? Enter the savvy product marketers who sell shakes, pills, programs, wraps, teas, surgery and even alternative therapies banking (pun intended) on your high hopes that it’s all gonna fix it, and fix it fast.

Why are we forsaking the first and forgotten rule that we, as humans, are born and bred to LOVE FOOD? That’s right. Our relationship with food should be positive, centred on the taste, texture, smell and sensations of food, in context of our daily life, social gatherings and culture.

Despite what every fad diet out there says, it is actually possible to lose weight and eat cake at the same time. I work with many women who I teach to maintain a balanced lifestyle. BALANCE IS KEY. Eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, lean meats, seafood, nuts, dairy, wholegrains and beans, and very minimal amounts of processed foods and refined sugars. It’s a simple as that. Can you have a piece of cake at your kiddly wink’s birthday party? Yes. Can you have 10 slices? Yes, but this is out of balance and you won’t lose an iota. Can you have grains? Yes. Can you have pasta, pizza and bread? Yes, but as these are highly processed foods, minimal amounts are recommended.

Enjoy and experiment with the huge array of foods that are delicious, nutritious and suited to YOUR personal taste and preference. Remember, food is to be enjoyed not eliminated like Bieber’s Instagram account.

Everyone is an individual so throw that ‘one size fits all’ fad diet away, and start blazing the trail for the coming movement of girls who’ve had enough of the weight loss BS and just wanna have fun… And lose some kilos too.

Now, go have that piece of cake!

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