It’s 3pm and your morning coffee has well and truly worn off. You’re on a steep decline, so you run to the vending machine in the tea room for a quick sugar fix. Or, you’ve just had a healthy, hearty meal and this voice echoes in your ear, “Maybe you want something sweeeeeeeet?”

We know for a fact that sugar is more addictive than cocaine and people simply cannot resist sugary foods, though they know it adds inches to their waist and sends their blood sugar levels spiking then dropping.

Do you eat something savoury and then immediately crave something sweet? I was at a party and while we were enjoying a delicious lunch, we just kept talking about the desert and anticipating the magical goodness of stuffing our faces with cake and sweet treats #allclass

If you can’t go past a few hours or even a full day without a sugary fix, then you are addicted! It’s OK, we’re all friends here. Your secret is safe with me, and know that there is a simple solution for you. We all know that addiction to sugar is now at epidemic levels, but the good news is it’s much easier to reduce your sugar intake than you think. Below I cover how to beat sugar cravings and, after some time you won’t even think about it.

1. Change your brain chemistry

There’s a wonderful book called The Diet Cure by Dr Julia Ross and she explains in great detail how highly driven, motivated and well-achieving people can maintain jobs, raise families and cultivate great relationships, yet they can’t seem to maintain a diet. In her research and treatment, Julia asserts that the inability to control eating habits simply comes down to brain chemistry. I can testify it is absolutely 100% true. When I made adjustments to my brain chemistry through diet and supplementation, I noticed I would hardly even think about sugar. By adding much-depleted nutrients and proteins in my body, I could fairly easily go without sugar and wheat.

It is worth nothing that the most addictive substances today is sugar, wheat and dairy. Remember when your mum used to pop down to the store to get bread and milk? Well, that little bit of nostalgia is indicative of what we’ve been conditioned to consume. About 90% of our supermarket aisles are filled ‘foods’ that are highly processed, containing the three western staples: sugar, wheat and dairy. It is no wonder that weight loss is so difficult for many people! I’m going to talk about this topic in another article, so watch this space for more on that one!

2. Add amino acids

I cannot speak highly enough for amino acids. It is the most understated topic when it comes to diet and is essential for your wellbeing. Amino acids are proteins or ‘building blocks’ as some may say. They are not made by and within the body itself and therefore need to be added through nutrition and supplementation. You can get L-Glutamine in concentrated form, which is probably needed initially if you have intense cravings. I used to eat a sweet thing after every meal when I was pregnant. When I upped my amino acid intake, I almost forgot about sugar. Otherwise, a combination of amino acids usually make up the ingredients in most weight management protein shakes and supplements, which is suitable for maintaining levels.

3. Add proteins

I would say that most of us simply do not get enough protein in our diet. Foods such as red meat, poultry, fish, seafood and pork all contain proteins that help with satiety and reduce sugar cravings. Dairy and eggs are also good, though caution I believe should be taken when it comes to dairy (we have been brainwashed to drink a glass of milk a day!) Quinoa is not only trending these days, but a very clean source of protein. Beans are also great and very affordable too!

4. Remove sugar substitutes

Aspartame and the like should be completely eliminated. Don’t even go there! It has absolutely no benefit to you whatsoever, and sets you on a sweet craving cycle. The only difference is, what you’re satisfying yourself with is far more toxic and harmful to your body due to the chemicals in the manufacturing process. Research has shown links between aspartame and cancer, if taken in high dosages. I wouldn’t take the risk and steer clear!

5. Detoxify your body

Cleansing the digestive tract has proven to be very beneficial before preparing the body for any incoming nutrients from a ‘new eating plan.’ A clean gut increases absorption of whole foods, thus allowing the body to take in more vitamins and minerals and therefore allowing you to feel better and need ‘pick me ups’ less. It also resets the palate, so you feel your body can accept and enjoy new whole foods that are nutritious. I will say that EVERYONE needs to be on a multivitamin supplement as a bare minimum. Why? Because unless you grow and pick your own organic fruit and vegetables and farm your own animals, you’re not getting the nutrients as nature intended in its most beneficial form.


There are other strategies that you can apply, such as increasing sleep and drinking more water, but the above I believe are the most effective, which is what we want when we’re reaching for the croughnuts!


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