Want to lose weight fast? Do an extreme detox diet. Sure, I lost weight. And muscle. And water. And probably some brain tissue too. Eeek! But guess what happened when I went off the program? I put it all back on, plus some more. It took 30 days to shed about 3kgs (which is a lot for my small frame) and about 1 week to put it all back on. I virtually ‘ate it all back on’ because I was done starving myself.

The ‘program’ we speak of promised some drastic weight loss in as little as a month. ONE MONTH! Using ‘cleansing’ supplements, I would crash diet down to as little as 500 calories a day and then for two consecutive days completely fast. Some days my stomach would hurt so bad from not eating. I felt weak, dizzy and fatigued, unable to do any exercises at the gym. I was tangry – tired, hungry and angry.

Maybe this approach suits some people who desire very rapid results. But for me it was too drastic and in the end, was not sustainable. Most people need a solution that allows them to continue everyday life and not fall over limp from starvation. We need to go to work. We need to look after our children. We need to have energy and not DIE trying to lose weight!

So, this time ’round after I had given birth, I looked for the following in a program:

1. Gentle – so I could go about my everyday life and still enjoy social events without having to say no to everything and just order a glass of water! You don’t want to be that person, it’s just awkward for everyone!

2. Holistic – addresses the root of weight gain, thus allowing me to re-evaluate my food choices and make better, healthier ones that were actually enjoyable, so I didn’t feel like a prisoner in a concentration camp

3. Sustainable – it really is one thing to lose weight, most products on the market promise very fast results, but it’s another thing to be able to maintain that, and I for one have ALWAYS struggled with this, so long-standing results was really important for me

4. Affordable – to be honest, I couldn’t afford to use expensive products, I agree that there are many great ones out there that help but I would suggest you really assess what’s right for you and weight it up (scuse the pun) against your budget, because you want to lose inches from your waist, NOT your wallet 😉

My recommendation is to apply a method that is as gentle as possible if you want sustainable results and to continue your typical work/family/social lifestyle without collapsing in a heap on the floor. Cos that ain’t pretty! Money is always a big factor when it comes to weight loss, and I know that 80% of the result is from your food, so do your research and assess the products/supplementation out there and work out what fits right for you!


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