Depriving yourself of sweet treats is a no no. Now, this isn’t permission for you to stuff yourself silly five times a day with every sugary or chocolatey thing, but don’t be that person at birthday parties who doesn’t eat the cake because you’re on some health fad/detox thing. Nobody likes that, and more than anything, you WANT the cake but won’t have it because you’re trying to watch your weight.

“Is it gluten/dairy/sugar free?” Probably not. Who cares. A slice at the occasional party is OK. The key is to just have one slice, not ten. And to not put cakes on your weekly grocery list. And then make them a daily food item at the top of your food pyramid.

What I love about food is that it’s the centerpiece of a social gathering. It just brings people together. A piece of celebratory cake in honour of the person to be celebrated is no less dangerous than the odd glass of wine with a meal. Just as I said in the last post, the key is balance. Food is a huge part of our lives, and we can learn to enjoy our treats in a mindful way because we want to love food, not make it our enemy.

So, the weekend is soon upon us, and you have my blessing to go and eat that piece of cake, and when you do it, chew slowly, don’t talk or do anything else while you enjoy it, except maybe wipe the icing off your mouth!


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