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BLOGS X BANTER is an online writing and media company specialising in creating content that clicks. 

From irresistible headlines to stories that make you feel all the feels, BLOGS X BANTER cuts through the clutter and chaos to deliver memorable content that truly engages your audience. G’Day! My name is Amanda (or Mindi) and I’m an Australian-based professional writer with 15+ years’ experience in Digital Content & Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Corporate Communications. I am an expert in writing compelling, concise and engaging copy suitable for your business, brand or blog. My writing style is known to be conversational, personable and more importantly, structured and succinct for a meaningful and memorable reading experience. My scope of writing includes:

  • Lifestyle – Pregnancy & Parenting, Health & Wellness, Fashion, Beauty, Relationships, Culture, Faith
  • Business – Careers, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Small Biz, Personal & Professional Development
  • Industries – Sales & Marketing, Retail, Industrial, Construction, Engineering, Agriculture
  • and more….

For a professional who is reliable, responsive and “gets it”, contact me today. To work with me or obtain a quote, email and I will respond to you as early as I can. 

Digital Content & Marketing

  • Blog & Article Writing – 400/600/800+ word articles for a wide range of niche topics and industries
  • SEO Writing – optimise your web pages to reach page one of Google search and yield more traffic volume
  • Website Writing – written content for your website such as sales, product/services, contact us and bio pages
  • Landing Page Writing – persuasive copy for sales and advertising campaigns including Google AdWords and Facebook
  • Email & Automation Writing – eNewsletters and automated emails to your subscription base

Social Media Marketing

  • Facebook Writing – write, publish and share posts, articles and images/videos
  • LinkedIn Writing – write and publish native “Pulse” articles visible by your network and following
  • Twitter Writing – compose and broadcast regular Tweets using relevant hashtags appropriate for your audience
  • Instagram Writing – write and publish accompanying copy to images/videos using relevant hashtags appropriate your for audience

Corporate Communications

  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters – print and digital
  • Internal Communications
  • Direct Marketing
  • Advertising & Sales Copy
  • Brochures, Catalogues & Flyers


With 5000+ media and advertising interactions every day, humans have become apathetic to any form of marketing. Due to sensory overload and pure saturation in the media landscape, consumers are smarter and savvier than they have ever been in history.

They can switch off, change channel, scroll down, click close, swap brands, unsubscribe and opt-out. Increasing consumer knowledge, endless choices and mammoth purchasing power now puts Brand and Companies in the backseat. Now that the game has changed, there is a new trend emerging called content marketing. Blogs are a simple and yet effective way to interact, build trust and develop a relationship with your audience.

It’s one thing to write and publish a blog. What about getting eyeballs onto your story? How do you get clicks, likes, shares and conversions?

From a sensible client brief, an endless flow of caffeinated beverages and a special creative space where the hustle happens, BLOGS X BANTER will create, write and publish a story your readers will love.

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