The trees are blossoming, bees are buzzing, the days are getting longer and the legs are finally getting a shave. It must mean one thing: either it’s sex night or spring is finally here! (or both)

For many women, the pressure is on. After scrolling through the Instaperfect feed throughout winter torn between “I want to look good naked” and “Treat yo self”, it’s finally time to pluck the courage up to try on those jeans, hold your breath and see if it’s gonna be a pants dance.

If you’ve managed to ‘acquire some extra insulation’ around the arms, tummy, thighs and maybe even your toes (chocolate does not discriminate, it adds inches everywhere), rest assured, you’ve got this, you can lose weight, don’t panic!

To help you lose weight, but not lose the meaning of life, I’ve written a few things down that you may not have thought of but are certainly worth exploring:

1. Check your protein shake

Many mums are too busy to make a meal, in between all the baby/toddler/teenager duties, which might I add is somewhat similar to training an Argentinan football team. The best thing you can do for both your time and weight management is have a protein shake. But beware – not all shakes are made equal. Some commercial brands are high in sugar – no kidding, I saw ones in pretty pink packets at the chemist that had 26 grams of sugar in it TWENTY SIX GRAMS!

Secondly, check what type of protein is in your shake. It has been proven by independent peer-reviewed studies (i.e. the people NOT marketing the stuff) that whey protein is the best quality and most inductive for increased metabolism and lean muscle mass. Soy protein is an inferior protein and can even cause complications in women who have thyroid issues. If your powder is cheap as chips, it’s probably because it’s made of soy protein, which companies know costs nothing to manufacture, but can end up costing you your overall health.

2. Check your nutrient levels

Well meaning people might come along and say, “You need to take vitamin B!” or “XYZ product worked for me.” That’s fine bless their heart, but unless they’re armed with a syringe, ready to take a blood sample and throw it in a centrifuge they really don’t have a clue. So it certainly pays off to take a trip to the doctor and see if you’re deficient in anything. This is also a good time to get your thyroid and blood sugar checked, as both can cause weight gain or make it nearly impossibly to lose weight if not managed appropriately.

3. Check your expectations

This one is probably the most important, because it’s the difference between slow and steady weight loss that is likely to be more sustainable over time or Obsessive Compulsive Dieting. Which one is it gonna be? It’s easy to look at everyone’s gym selfies and suddenly put this pressure on yourself to look exactly like that. What you don’t know, is a) that content has been carefully curated, likely from a selection of at least 50 takes to find the perfect picture b) the person is probably lacking oxygen to the brain as a result of breathing in for extended periods of time to get those abs flat and c) why should you give a sh*t? Who knows what’s happening in their life and how much broccoli they’re stuffing themselves with breakfast, lunch and dinner in the name of #instamodel. That’s not fun and, it’s not even real. So just go with the flow, relax a bit, lift the unrealistic expectations and remember, slow and steady always wins the race.

Enjoy the spring, apply discipline, but also treat yo self too, you deserve it.

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