This is a picture of me in an orphanage. My biological mother who I’ve never met gave me life. It horrifies me to think, if abortion was legal in South Korea, would she have had me snuffed out? The law saved my life and here I am today.

Before I start the discourse, if you’re wondering if Mindi went crazy, well… I’ve always been crazy, I went totally bat-shit crazy in 2016 (and we know how that ended) so let’s just get that out of the way. YES, I am crazy.

These few weeks I’ve been torn up inside. Should I say something or say nothing? Shall I continue to live my privileged life while the unborn get no say as to whether they will live or die? Do I keep silent as such a time as this, because the cost of speaking up is too much – it will cost my reputation, respect, popularity and even friends?

I’m not here to change your mind, you already have done that. But, I have to speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves. We are in a WAR and half of us don’t even realise it. If the news of the late-term abortion laws in NY (which also happen to be passing in some Australian states) was not enough to wake us up, then what will?

I used to say, “Personally, I would never have an abortion but everyone woman has a right to choose what she does with her body.”

TBH, nobody came up to me, knocked the doughnut outta my hand and said, “B*tch, you gotta be pro life!” Nope. Didn’t happen. How I managed to let my life pass by without giving a single thought to the unborn who are – quite literally – torn limb from limb and decapitated in the womb is beyond me. This is a graphic explanation, but we have to stop blinding ourselves with distractions. This is reality.

If you’re offended, then unfriend away. My life is not about popularity or people-approval. I’m not even sorry for sharing this, though I acknowledge it isn’t as entertaining as my memes, blogs and baby spam. I get that. This isn’t pretty news on your feed and everyone (including me) wants to look away.

But here’s the reality. When we have laws that do not protect the unborn from conception right until the moment before birth AND as well as when an abortion fails (legislation for those babies left to die) then how far can this go? Let me tell you, this will go as far as our decaying society will take it. As long as pollies “give the people what they want” then who knows how much further our so-called morals will slide.

So, I’m warning you ahead of time that I’m going to be going on about this for a while, maybe until I die. I don’t care. I cannot pretend this isn’t happening and sing happy-clappy songs in church any longer. I cannot hear another sermon on how to live a blessed life and fulfil my potential when 191 babies (not fetuses, blastocysts, embroyo actual REAL LIVE BABIES) are being killed through abortion every single day in Australia. Worldwide since 1980, 1.5 billion babies were aborted – more humans than the WWII holocaust. Just today, 10 Feb 2019, 72,000 abortions have been performed worldwide.

I get that women want liberation. The pervasive language about “women’s rights” and “choice” and “empowerment” dripping from politician’s lips.

– What about baby girls, do they get *women’s rights*?
– Why doesn’t the baby get to *choose* if he/she lives or dies?
– Why isn’t the baby *empowered* to live and get a chance at life?

I tell you what, I was not ready to have a baby when we were preggo with Elias. Tommy and I were married 1 month when we found out, living in a mouldy flat under some rich baby-boomer couple’s house who used our rent money to fund their exotic holidays. Our laundry was the kitchen and we had no nursery, just one big giant studio room. We dried up all our savings due to wedding costs and Tommy’s visa, so we were NOT ready. It pains me to think that one decision (which is not my decision to make) could be the difference between knowing Elias or never meeting him. Voices around us say, “Oh, it’s nothing, you won’t regret it, it’s just a cluster of cells!” I beg to differ.

If we are salt and light, then know that salt into others’ wounds will bring pain and light shining into the eyes of those in the dark will hurt. TRUTH HURTS, that’s why a lot of people left Jesus, because they couldn’t bare to lose face, to lose money, to lose their very lives.

If you made it this far, THANK YOU! Please pray and intercede with us. There’s a daily prayer group a bunch of us started, it’s grown to 80 ppl already in 1 week. We are praying every day and, if you’re a person of faith, I encourage you to do so as well without ceasing.

Remember, if we’re not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. Welcome to the war.

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John 10:10

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