So we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should be eaten like a boss (or a king, depending which era you live in). But today I’d like to present some healthy lunch ideas to get you through that MID-AFTERNOON SUGAR CRAVE. Yes, I’m looking at YOU *smacks Snickers bar out of hand*

If you’re an office worker, sitting sedentary at your desk most of the day, you MUST have a hearty lunch. If you’re a mum chasing after toddlers and nursing baby/ies (who are cute, but suck A LOT of energy out of you), you MUST have a hearty lunch. And everyone else, the same rule applies!

So what’s the problem? You are busy. I get that. Absolutely run off your feet. That’s why I’ve developed healthy lunch ideas using ONLY 4 INGREDIENTS. That means, you don’t have to tediously labour for hours with 20 ingredients, just to shove it in your mouth in 20 seconds. #aintnobodygottimefordat

It’s important to note that these 4 ingredients will provide the right balance of protein, carbs, fats and vegetables for a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal. You can add flavour by using garlic, salt, pepper, chilli, spices and oils such as coconut, sesame and olive oil.

A note about portions: I think this is a personal choice, I’m not a fan of making people of general good health reduce their food intake. Starving isn’t fun and leads to binge eating. For the morbidly obese of course it’s a completely different story. But eating the RIGHT foods heartily is important. Otherwise, there forms an obsession with food that can turn people a bit crazy and send you to the sugary aisle of the supermarket #dontgothere

1. Smoked salmon, mixed salad greens, quinoa and avocado

Salmon is incredible, don’t just reserve it for Saturday’s breakfast. Because it’s an oily fish, and in combination with avocado, you will feel fuller. Quinoa also has a nice nutty flavour – my opinion is to go nuts with carbs (the RIGHT carbs!) at lunch, because you will just get hungry in an hour.

2. Beef mince, canned tomato, broccolini and brown rice

Really, this is so easy. Just chuck it all in the pan (be sure to add spices for taste otherwise it will be BO-RING!) and the rice, well, HELLLLOOOO RICE COOKER! This used to be my ‘go-to’ meal when I was an office drone. Make a bulk amount at the beginning of the week and you’re sorted!

3. Tuna, eggplant, ricotta and cannelloni beans

Cannelloni is simple, cheap and healthy. Can’t cook? That’s OK, just open the can and you’re done! 😉 You can saute them WITH the eggplant in a little olive oil and paprika. When done, just mix it all together!

4. Chicken, baby spinach, hommous and sweet potato

A lot of weight loss cookbooks will urge you to grill the chicken. Society has made us terrified of fat. Fat isn’t the issue, the issue is highly processed wheat, sugar and dairy products. So I suggest frying cos no one wants to chew on dried chicken. Fry/roast/steam the sweet potato, whatever is easiest.

5. Boiled egg, green beans, feta and corn flat bread

OK so for you bread lovers I DID think about you! It’s really your choice, but the flatbreads made of ‘anything but wheat’ tends to be healthier. Those Mountain Breads at pretty good. You can have the beans cooked or raw.

Tip: make a ‘bulk’ lunch once a week that will cover a few meals and freeze.

Tip 2.0: finish off lunch with lots of fresh fruit such as bananas and strawberries and a handful of nuts.


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