I’ve had a few people ask me for menu plans and recipe ideas, so I thought I’d jot down some really easy healthy breakfast ideas. I will cover lunch and dinner at another stage, but I’d really like to focus on breakfast. As they say, it is the most important meal of the day.

Before I get into the ideas, I just want to clarify that the following ‘foods’ are NOT sufficient for breakfast. They will not provide the nutrient value that you need for your 9-5 (or, these days your 5-9). These are cereal – including cornflakes, wheat bix, cheerios and toasted muesli and fruit toast – about the equivalent nutrient content of a piece of cardboard with sugar cubes sticking out of it.

1. Boiled egg on gluten free toast with rocket and avocado

Protein intake is really important after 6-8 hours of sleep, as well as carbohydrates to give you energy. If you are able to have 2 eggs, go for it! You will feel fuller for longer, and don’t stinge on the avo as healthy fats will also keep you from getting the mid-morning sugar craves.

2. Protein shake made with almond milk, banana coconut oil and chia seeds

There’s no denying that a protein shake is REALLY quick and easy. The brand of protein shake is really a personal preference, I always go with low sugar because everybody could do with a reduced sugar intake. Using almond milk is a better alternative to dairy and soy milk, and coconut oil will fill you up.

3. Smoothie made with coconut milk, strawberries, banana and blueberries and psyllium husks

Again, if you want easy street, have a smoothie. I love foods where there’s no chopping, just blending! Coconut milk is full of essential fatty acids (seriously I would bath in this if I could), berries contain antioxidants and psyllium has lots of fibre and gets your bowels going!

4. Grilled bacon rashers, cannellini beans and asparagus on rye

This is more of a Saturday breakfast, but seriously, bacon is incredible. Combined with beans, you’re getting a lot of protein. Asparagus is good for that ‘token vegetable’, and you can add capsicum too to up your veg intake.

5. Omelette with mushroom, capsicum, baby spinach and onion

I’m all for mashing up my food and chucking it into a pan! There is some debate about whether to use egg yolks or not. I would like to say that this is the kind of fat you SHOULD be having. Forget calories, just fill your body with the right protein, carbohydrate and fat ratio and you’re good to go 🙂

Hope you liked my healthy breakfast ideas. If you would like to know more about healthy eating and meal plans, let me know and I’d be happy to post something so everyone can benefit!


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