Potty training can be a stressful time for parents. Teaching a toddler to use the potty is a big achievement and reaching that goal is something all parents should be very proud of. But getting there can mean dealing with a lot of crap along the way (literally). Here are 5 essentials for potty training that will help smooth the path to the finish line:

1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been touted for its many benefits to skin care, heart health, immune systems, etc. What is less known about coconut oil is how great it is as a cure for constipation. Particularly since potty training goes a lot smoother if poop is a lot softer, avoiding constipation can help your toddler feel more comfortable on the potty. Rule #1 of potty training is that if your child has a great experience on the potty, they will be more willing to come back and try it again. So keep the coconut oil nearby and as with everything else in life, be sure to use with moderation. Here is a helpful link that provides information on how much to give.

2. Books, Toys & Puzzles

Kids need to be relaxed to pee and poop. Particularly since sitting on the potty is a new and strange concept to them, relaxing sometimes takes a little time. This means you will inevitably find yourself trying to entertain your child while they sit on the potty so that they have the patience to remain there until you hear that glorious splash or plop. Make sure you have enough books, toys and puzzles to keep them engaged while on the potty so that they are less likely to abandon the effort before the grand finale.

3. Loose Clothing

As your child beings to recognise the feeling that a pee or poop is coming, they will learn to hurry to the potty to make sure they sit down in time. Once they get there, it will be very important that their clothes are easy to remove to minimise the time it takes to get them seated. So during potty training, put away the designer button-fly jeans and the outfits with snaps and suspenders. Keep it simple, keep it loose and keep your child coming back to the potty for another successful visit.

4. Post-Its

Everything around us has become increasingly automated, including the toilets we sit on. All of us have experienced that unpleasant splash as we sit in a public restroom and our automatic toilet unexpectedly decides it’s time to flush. For a child who is just learning to use the toilet, this can be very unsettling. Help them avoid the unwelcome spray by using a post-it to cover up the toilet sensor until they are done. Feel free to draw a star or a balloon on it to congratulate your little one once they’ve shown the potty who’s boss.

5. Colourful Hand Soap

What does colourful hand soap have to do with potty training? Absolutely nothing. Except that it makes the new potty routine (including washing hands after every potty visit) more interesting and exciting. Having a colourful, fragrant new hand soap to use (maybe even one that foams) is a great little accent to add to the bathroom. Your child will have yet another incentive to make a successful potty visit a priority.

We hope these suggestions help you and your little one reach potty independence quickly and headache-free. Stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks that will redefine potty training, one poop at a time.



This post was written by the good folks at Tot on the Pot. Tot on the Pot is a play-based potty training system that simplifies the process for parents and makes it super-fun for kids. Parents love us because we show them how to potty train and give them all the tools to do it in a healthy way. Kids love us because they don’t have to stop playing anymore to go potty—now, the fun continues all the way into the bathroom. Stay tuned for our Kickstarter product launch in the Fall of 2017.



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