Inspiration to laugh, cry and maybe wet your pants a little bit.


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I love a good story, don’t you? We’ve all got a story to tell and I’m here to share mine – no holding back, no BS guaranteed. I’ve been through many triumphant moments, as well as very dark seasons where it felt like there was no hope. Throughout the highs, lows and mundane moments, we need a little friend called inspiration. Inspo to laugh at the odd and comical moments and to cry over tragic and confusing situations. Inspo to laugh at how ridiculously under-qualified we are as parents and to cry when our babies grow up too quickly. I hope I can make you laugh, cry and and maybe wet your pants a little bit. If everything else fails, just let the emoticons do the talking 🙂

The best way out is always through

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Inspiration to laugh, cry and maybe wet your pants a little bit


Jesus Doesn’t Need Fake Christians

From 2014 up until midway in 2016, I walked a lonely road called perinatal mental illness, which you can read all about in my blog series and in my new book that’s coming out very shortly! The main reason why I felt lonely was because I couldn’t tell anyone what I was...

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I Cannot Pretend This Is Not Happening

This is a picture of me in an orphanage. My biological mother who I've never met gave me life. It horrifies me to think, if abortion was legal in South Korea, would she have had me snuffed out? The law saved my life and here I am today. Before I start the discourse,...

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We Have Become Too Politically Correct

Please. Refrain from taking another selfie. Press pause on that makeup tutorial. Stop obsessing over self and get on your knees before God. Everyone is getting offended. We have become too politically correct. In our attempt to become relevant we are silenced, mute...

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The Womb, the Weapon and the War

I don’t usually have an interest in history and politics, but I have been watching a series on Netflix called World War II in Colour. It has made me see the ongoing battle between good and evil in a whole new way. Watching the events unfold leading up to WWII as well...

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I’m A Mess

By Randelynn - Glitter In The Ashes Blog This post has actually been inspired by one of my friends that I see every Saturday at church who I adore. Everytime she sees me she says, "You always look so put together. " She has said in passing while joking that it makes...

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What’s It Like Living in Australia? A European Perspective

Living in Sweden is like living on another planet. But before I can get into my blog series on living, working and raising a family in Sweden, I have to first set the scene. So let me tell you a little bit about where I came from, Australia or 'Straya as we like to...

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